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Double Ended Seam Ripper #168 – Bocote
This is a very comfortable seam ripper to hold. It features large and small blades to suit the job at hand. Double Ended Seam Ripper #168 is made from Bocote.
$39.95 CAD
Seam Ripper #126 -Single Blade -Bocote
A nicely shaped Bocote handle that is easy on the hand. Seam Ripper #126 has a chrome finished single blade seam ripper and cap.
$34.99 CAD
Slimline Wood Pen #122 -Bocote
This pen is ideal for someone with a smaller hand or likes a thinner, lighter pen. A one of a kind handmade Slimline Wood Pen #122 with 24K gold plating. ...
$34.99 CAD